Best Things Couples Can Do In Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis is a great romantic destination for couples, who want to enjoy live music, funny activities, and more. It is the lively cultural place that offers many attractions to the visitors, any time throughout the year.

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The following is a list of few things you can do in Memphis that help you in making your trip more enjoyable with your better-half.

Live music performances on Beale Street

The city of Memphis is also called the “home of blues.” You can enjoy live shows, voices of cotton fields, and Mississippi Delta that unites songs of life, hardship, and love over Beale Street. Also, it is the home of clubs like New Daisy Theatre, Rum Boogies Café, and more, where blues and others will be performed live. Visitors can collect mementos and recorded music in stores nearby.

Dress up your favorite costume at Lansky Brothers

You can spend valuable time with your partner by dressing up as your favorite rock star. Elvis is very famous for costumes. You can express yourself with the wardrobe as Lansky Brothers will have a huge collection for men as well as women.



Enjoy Mud Island

This park is a tribute to River Mississippi. It contains the Museum of Mississippi River, Riverwalk, and monorail. If you want to navigate the port, you can even rent pedal boats, bikes, board canoes, or kayaks. Also, there are various picnic spots all over the park, where you can enjoy a romantic picnic with your partner.

Visit the National Civil Rights Museum

This museum remembers the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., lessons of the American Civil Rights movement, and helps to understand the history. Couples, who are interested in history, visiting it help you to know about the role of the city during the Civil Rights Movement.

See animals at Memphis zoo

It is located at Overton Park in about 70 acres that contain 3,500 animals of over 500 species. Even though it is not a romantic activity, but wandering around the zoo with your partner is one of the great ways to bond.

Primate Canyon – featuring gorillas, monkeys, and orangutans, Aquarium – featuring saltwater and freshwater fish, and farm, both outdoor and indoor exhibit – features numerous livestock such as cows, donkeys, and horses.

Share romantic meal at restaurants

You can treat the special person in your life by booking a reservation at a fine dining restaurant. Many restaurants in Memphis offer romantic ambiance, great drinks, and tasty food. They include Erling Jensen, Folk’s Folly, ACRE, Chez Philippe, and more. Whether a candlelight dinner or afternoon lunch, it helps to make your partner feel more special.

If you want to enjoy all these with your partner, gather information from the best site that offers complete information. This will help to plan a romantic tour to Memphis with your partner on your next vacation.

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