Few Reasons to Choose Duodenal Switch Surgery to Obtain Weight Loss

Duodenal switch surgery procedure is another type of restrictive weight-loss surgery. This surgery will promote weight loss by restricting your amount of food intake after the procedure.

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There are a number of benefits seen for this procedure that can further enhance superiority of this kind of surgery for weight loss, as compared to other procedures.

Following are few benefits of this procedure, which can help in resolution of various obesity related comorbidities, as well as improve quality of life.

  1. Better success rate for weight loss

As per the accepted standard, the satisfactory weight loss will be defined as greater than 50 per cent excess weight loss.

As per the data available about 161 patients who after more than ten years of the duodenal switch surgery, 94% could maintain successful excess weight loss, while failure which was defined as less than 20% of extra weight loss was just 1%.

duodenal switch

2 .Greater excess weight loss

Most of the surgeons who performed duodenal switch have reported that 70 to 80% excess weight loss can be achieved over long term.

3. Duration of the procedure is shorter

In this type of surgery, the duration of procedure is just about 3 to 4-hour long with just 1 to 2 nights of hospital stay.

4. Faster recovery

Recovery period after the duodenal switch surgery will be within few days to few weeks only, which is much shorter as compared to other type of procedure.

5. Stomach will digest food Normally even after surgery

Few other types of weight loss surgeries will require patients to follow very strict diet for rest of their life after the treatment, however with this duodenal switch surgery, patient can eat normally as well as enjoy their meals more.

However, with all other weight loss surgery, right culinary choices will be very crucial for maintaining the results from procedure as duodenal switch surgery will not cause any significant digestive problems.

After surgery, patients can enjoy nutritious and well-portioned meals.

6. Patients will maintain weight loss


have lost. As long as patients will maintain positive lifestyle choices, people will keep their weight off and also live longer, with healthier lives.

7. Superior comorbidities resolution

With this surgery procedure, you can get highest rate of cure for type-2 diabetes, that will be the most astounding advantage of duodenal switch. Few other obesity related comorbidities can also be improved or cured with this procedure.

After few studies done by medical researchers about duodenal switch procedure where they have noticed following few data about success rate to demonstrate benefits of this procedure.

  • Type 2 Diabetes – 99%
  • Hyper-lipidemic problem – 99%
  • Hypertension problem – 83%
  • Sleep Apnea – 92%

8. Improvement in quality of Life

By using this procedure, overall quality of your life will be improved and you will have very rare occurrence of vomiting. Almost 90% and more patients can eat whatever they desire

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