Ideas For Fundraising In An Environment Friendly Way

Fundraising is an event done when you need support from volunteers for charity or a certain cause. As an environment conscious person, you can create awareness of go-green and save the planet when you focus on environment friendly fundraising.

Here are few suggestions for eco-friendly fundraisers.

Reusable Shopping Bags

The best way to show your part in saving the environment is shifting to reusable and recyclable products. Reusable bags are the best option to plastic carry bags that are non-recyclable and harmful to the environment. Plastic carry bags that end up in landfill are the main reason why birds and animals are dying.

If you are planning for an eco-friendly fundraising, place your order well in advance with Custom Grocery Bags, which is a green company that produces a variety of reusable bags like, grocery bags, tote bags, messenger bags, tradeshow bags and such. You can also get them customized with some message or logo on it.

Reusable bags are strong, rigid, durable and are not harmful to the environment. If you discard them after using for years, these bags will become biodegradable pieces.

Used Books

Although it is now easy to download e-books, many of us still love to read and own printed books either new or used ones. People would love to buy books for a low price at fundraisers. If you have enough space to display your books and accommodate the crowd, you can start asking your friends, family members and volunteers for used books.

Used book stores are another best option from where you can get a good collection of books. Clean the books, sort them accordingly and set price for each book, so that it will be easy for the visitor to select their choice of books.

Planting Trees

It is an undeniable fact that planting trees anywhere will provide amazing benefits and they enhance the beauty of any landscape. You can sell native plants that grows easily on any type of climate conditions. Locate a native plant nursery in your area and buy in bulk. You can earn for the cause while doing good for your community.

You can also resell gift card kits where you will be given a percentage of profit on your sale value and the remaining will be used for planting trees.


Instead of fundraising using junk foods that are unhealthy and overprized, why not promote waste – free lunchboxes? Sell fruits, cookies and juices in reusable containers like stainless steel boxes, recycled paper bags, after school time. You can also create awareness among children about the carbon footprint caused by throwing wrappers of food items.

Used inkjet Cartridges

There are companies that pay you for used inkjet cartridges. This is the easiest way of fundraising without any hassle at the same time it is environment friendly. Send the word out to local businesses and volunteers about your fundraising for a cause and collect used cartridges from companies.

LED Bulbs

You can raise your funds by selling LED bulbs while creating awareness among people to conserve energy by using energy saving LED lights instead of traditional bulbs.

Consider these ideas for raising your fund in an environment friendly way.