Tunecore – CDBaby and DistroKid Alternative

A record label is essential to sell your music online. For an independent musician, the process is extremely daunting, even if he/she is talented. Fortunately, there is awesome music selling platforms like MusicDigi that offer a band or an artist everything necessary to distribute their music across the globe. Besides, there is no need to complete the formalities, which were necessary for the past.

With a few clicks, your music gets on Deezer, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon Music, Spotify, etc. It means you can promote your music online and interact efficiently with your friends, who will be thrilled to buy your sweet melodies and songs.

An alternative for TuneCore, CDBaby, and DistroKid is MusicDigi. It is turning into the best digital music distribution serviceThe platform works intending to help artists spread their vocals and beats in front of their fans. To use this remarkable service register with them on their official website musicdigi.com. You will use your account to upload your album. It doesn’t matter if you are a solo artist or a band.

Valuable features of MusicDigi

MusicDigi is a great digital distribution for music platforms offering valuable features that allow you to get beyond your geographical borders. Your music gets introduced across the whole world.

Affordable pricing

MusicDigi charges only $39.99 per year. You can upload unlimited albums or songs. Your music can reach across the world without any restrictions.

Gain access to Facebook and Instagram

With MusicDigi you can choose Facebook’s music catalog that offers Instagrams billion users to use your songs in their created content and share in a social platform. You even get an opportunity to earn revenue from your music choosing Facebook Music Service.

Get your music distributed to major music stores

To reach global fans, your music needs to reach the leading music stores & streaming services across the world. MusicDigi delivers your uploaded album to more than 150 major music services including iTunes, TIDAL, TikTok, Google Play, Amazon Music, etc.

Spotify windowing

Two weeks before the official release of your album, you can exclusively get your music into Spotify for the premium users. Spotify offers an opportunity for great exposure and you get to reach new audiences.

You earn

Every time your album gets downloaded or streamed on the music stores, you earn royalties. Besides, put songs on itunes and earn a good income selling them. MusicDigi offers 91% royalties, which gets collected in your Paypal account. Money can be withdrawn directly from your Paypal account.

Maintain your creative control

Recording artists can keep their creative control without concerns about label exploitation. You can be your own boss and even control music distribution. You deserve the total royalties and MusicDigi makes this happen.

Monitor your success

MusicDigi offers a Dashboard feature from where an artist can gain all the data and insights of the distributed albums or songs. They can make the right decision associated with their upcoming album. Plan their next release promotional strategy in a better way.

MusicDigi is the best music aggregatorgive it a try!

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