License Requirement of a Home Care Agency – Know What You Need

There are various home care businesses that offer different type of services such as hospices, home care agencies, companies that specialize in medical supplies and equipment, therapies, pharmaceuticals, and others. Even, they include physical therapy, skilled nursing, speech therapy, cleaning, cooking, helping elders, and other activities.

People often consider many factors while choosing a home care business like experience of firm, services provided, cost, whether the firm is licensed or not so on. Licensure differs from one state to the other and depends on the type of organization.

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Home care agencies 

These agencies were regulated by the federal and state laws and they are Medicaid and Medicare certified. Generally, you need 3 components – agency authorization proof, criminal checks, and main staff members’ proof.  Services offered by home care agencies are supervised as well as controlled because of regulatory requirements.

Most of the states let license applications only by CON application (certificate of need). Few states even conduct a licensure inspection before issuing a license. Based on state laws, home care agencies inspection will be conducted once in a year, 2 or 3 years. These inspections will be either scheduled or unexpected.

HCA and homemaker agencies

In few states, HCA and homemaker agencies that employ workers to support individuals by cooking, bathing, housekeeping, and dressing also need license. 


It involves a team of volunteers and professionals to meet the psychological, spiritual, and medical care of clients. Also, it includes provision of medical supplies, medications, and equipments. These trained professionals assist for 24 hours to make the patients free from severe pain and comfortable.

License requirements 

  • Take a copy of home care service orientation class. Application process starts on submission of this certificate.
  • Submit application form with licensing fee
  • As per WAC 246-335-320(2)(b) provide general liability insurance as proof
  • As per WAC 246-335-320(2)(d) submit disclosure statements to supervisor and on-site administrator of care services within 3 months of application submission
  • Background verification on criminal history by supervisor and administrator of care services will be processed under WAC 246-335-320(2)(d) within 3 months of application date
  • Copy of all or any government issued firm licenses for every office location including city, country or state licenses
  • A detailed description of agency organizational structure, for instance names of directors, supervisors, officers, and other key staff
  • A description of services offered by the organization directly and through contract

After submitting your application, an inspection officer will contact you to schedule initial inspection. You have to pass the process of survey to get your license. In case, you have not completed the required steps with 9 months, then department of investigation and inspection will close your application Under WAC 246-335-320(4), without refund.

You need to spend a lot of time to complete the whole process. There are many companies who help you in getting license taking assistance from them can save your time and money. So, choose the best firm and contact today to complete licensure procedure.