Understand Bongs Better To Enjoy The Vaping Experience

The word ‘bong’ came from a Thai word ‘baung’, which means bamboo tube for smoking weed. Also, there are many other slang terms to describe bong, like – binger, bubbler, and billy. Well, bongs have been around for centuries, but now they are designed very differently. They look much complicated compared to a bamboo tube.

All those who are new to the world of bongs will certainly have many questions and might have heard some confusing myths as well. Well, here we are to answer a few of those queries concerning bongs and to let you know what exactly to expect when smoking with bongs.

How does bong work?

When you surf through smoke shops near me, you will come across bongs of different shapes and sizes. Some designs are pretty basic, while some are a real work of art. However, no matter which shape or design you select, the basic function of any bong is to filter and cool the smoke that is produced from burning marijuana.

Usually, bongs have a small bowl, which hold the dried weed. You light the dried weed, and it starts combusting. When you inhale, bubbles arise from the water and the smoke passes through this water chamber. It means by the time you inhale the smoke, it is filtered and cooled down a bit.

Is using bong better for lungs?

When you smoke using a bong, you inhale the smoke that is filtered via water and is creamier, smoother, and cooler. In simple words, it is not dry and harsh. Now, this smoke might feel better when inhaled, but it is still smoke, and it is filling up your lungs.

Even though a small amount of bad stuff is filtered, it is not enough, or at least cannot be described as healthy for lungs. Even though comparatively using a bong is better, it is not precisely healthier for your lungs.

Are bongs harmful?

Smoking marijuana is harmful, irrespective of the method of how you smoke it. It means, no matter whether you smoke it via a doobie or a bong, it can harm your lung tissues, damage your small blood vessels as well as cause scarring.

A bong cools and filters the smoke you inhale, and the smoke certainly feels smoother on the lungs, but it doesn’t protect you from the risks of smoking in any way.

Why are bongs preferred amongst users?

There are several advantages of using bongs, which draws users to it. For instance, it cools and filters the smoke, and thereby deliver a smooth smoking experience. For those who have so far smoked cannabis via doobies will find using a bong to be a better experience. They will immediately notice the difference like smoke being less harsh on their throat and lungs.

Also, bongs are very easy to carry around and travel with. It makes them suitable for on the go smokers.

Lastly, if you are considering buying a bong, make sure you purchase from a reputed dealer. Many head shops are working online, but only a few offer a wide variety of bongs as expresssmokeshop.com does.


Hempseed Oil: How Helpful It Can Be For Individuals Suffering From Psoriasis

Most of the skin conditions are hard to live with as well as treat, and Psoriasis is no different in this regard. The itching, cracking, soreness, inflammation, and everything else about the condition is simply intolerable. In fact, when it gets very bad, any patient will try anything to get some relief.

Recently, hempseed oil and hemp lotion has gained a lot of popularity for its beneficial effects in managing Psoriasis. In fact, reputed online sellers like allueur.com have added a complete new range of hemp products to their collection, and it is definitely worth checking out.

Extracted from hemp plant seeds, the hempseed oil is packed with favorable fatty acids. These nutrients play a vital role in dealing with inflammation, strengthening your immune system, and overall revitalizing your skin. Besides, there are no major side effects associated with hempseed oil, and thus it is worth trying.

Research studies conducted concerning Psoriasis and hempseed oil

There is no proof which suggests that hempseed oil is an ideal treatment for Psoriasis. However, since it possesses such properties that are proven to ease Psoriasis symptoms, it is believed that hempseed oil will be helpful. For instance, it contains omega 3 and omega 6, and both of them are valuable when it comes to treating Psoriasis related inflammation.

One small study over the period of 20 weeks was conducted to compare oral use of olive oil against hempseed oil. The group which was taking hempseed oil confirmed that they experienced less itching compared to the one taking olive oil. Now, the research was conducted involving the patients of Atopic dermatitis, and not Psoriasis, but the focus here is on skin soothing benefits of hempseed oil.

How to use hempseed oil?


Hempseed oil is absolutely safe when consumed orally. You can directly drink it or may be add it to your food. The key is to take it on regular basis to ensure your system stays in check. Besides, it is believed that taking hempseed oil orally might prove beneficial to those who have scaling and redness all over their skin.

Now, if you are worried about the dosage, be prepared there is no specific guide for it. However, in the research study mentioned above, subjects were given 2 Tablespoon of hempseed oil on daily basis for 20 weeks.

Applying directly on skin:

If you aren’t able to drink hempseed oil because of it odd taste, don’t worry, you can simply apply it on the affected areas. Besides, this is a very good option for those dealing with smaller flare-ups.

Regular moisturizing is an amazing way to manage Psoriasis, and that is exactly what hempseed oil will do. It will lock in hydration better compared to any lotion or cream.

Lastly, keep in mind that hempseed oil is absolutely safe to consume orally as well as to apply directly on skin. However, it has shown some anti-clotting effect. This means, if you are taking any type of blood thinners, it is ideal that you talk to you doctor before including hempseed oil in your routine. Also, ingesting a lot of hempseed oil might upset your digestive system, so limit the amount of consumption.