Reasons Why You Need to Use Reusable Stainless-Steel Straw

A straw makes it convenient to drink from a glass or bottle without spilling the liquid. This is the reason children are often asked to use straw when they drink their favourite juice or milk. Most importantly even ladies like to use straw as they need not have to reapply their lipstick after drinking any kind of liquid. Thus, this is an important accessory for drinking any liquid safely and quickly. It is available in multiple kinds made of varied material.

More about the materials used in making of straws:

  • Paper straws: Since early decades paper was used to make drinking straws. The paper straws are biodegradable, cost effective and can even remain in liquid for few hours. However, the only drawback is that this kind of straws is one-time usable thing. Thus, every time you need to use a new straw.
  • Bamboo straw: It is one of the best traditional straws highly durable and natural, thus no harm in using the straws.
  • Glass straws: They are mostly used in bars and remain clean after wash unlike bamboo straws. There are many kinds of glass straw available in varied colours, sizes, diameter and even bent or non-bended ones. Of course, they are classic and enhance the beauty of your beer glass.
  • Plastic straws: They are the most used since few decades. They are cost effective and can be used again after washing it. The few disadvantages are – they are not eco-friendly and even harmful for the user as most of the cheaper straws are made of polypropylene, a chemical compound bond material.

Yes, plastic straws are the most usable straws thus they take major part in garbage dumps. While now they aren’t in the trend as people prefer to use straws designed with sustainable material, reusable, looking trendy, cost effective and eco friendlier. Thus, metal straws like stainless steel ones are the best choice for home and hotels.

Why stainless steel drinking straws popularity is on rise?

  • They are durable and won’t lose its shine easily even after using it for many years.
  • They are string thus won’t break like glass straw or bend like plastic or paper straw.
  • The metal straws are symbol of elegancy. They look pleasant to decor any dining place or bars.
  • They are easy to clean unlike bamboo straws. Most beneficial, as you can sterilise them with ease. The straws won’t lose their lustre even while they are subjected to hot water often while cleaning with detergent liquid.
  • They can be easily carried anywhere any time and won’t get spoilt. Thus, you can carry them to school or office to enjoy your fruit juice while at work or in your lunch time.

You are indirectly not wasting money on buying straws often for your hospitality or home usage. Thus, next time buy from sellers marketing wholesale eco products like The Willow Trader. The products are authentic, available in varied designs, can opt from varied sizes and budget friendly. Thus, next time prefer to buy stainless steel straw that last for many years.

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