Some Of The Common Causes of Crime

Crime gets infused in one’s mind because of the abnormal behavior of their thoughts and actions. Most of the crimes get done on purpose even after the crime-doer knows its adverse effects. Often one wonders why people engage in offensive crimes. The public hardly understands the logic behind crime-doers behavior. So, let’s understand the major causes associated with crime.

Here are some of the causes put forward by criminologist experts:

  • You get obsessed: Crime fuels some people’s basic financial needs, which often leads to more craving for money. They commit great crimes to achieve more monetary gains and eventually become obsessed. They feel the adrenaline rush, the thrill, and the satisfaction of committing the crime successfully. Every crime needs careful planning to carry it out effectively without getting caught by law forces.
  • Revenge: This is one of the most dreaded causes as the person commits the crime intending to hurt others whom they think are their worst enemies. This form of crime can never get predicted, therefore is quite dangerous.
  • No control over one’s actions: You can term it as a psychological issue. However, committed crimes due to mental disturbance are quite awful. It can be under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The crimes are sure violent hence quite harmful for others.
  • As a part of a prank: Even teasing, ragging, and other things the youngsters do are all for experiencing enjoyment sensation. Sometimes these kinds of pranks often result in violence and relate to unlawful offense.
  • Upbringing, social environment, and weakness of mind: Depressive thoughts, inferior complex feelings, social discrimination, and other community evil factors often form the basics of crime. Yes, even murder and other quite grievance offense. Social instability and a feeling of antisocial behavior are some prime causes that make a person follow criminal activities.
  • Mentally abnormal thoughts may play a grave part in the crime: It is unbelievable how mentally unstable people continuously fight against the negative thoughts that pop up in their minds. A person gets affected by bad influences, bad relationships, and bad upbringing, that make them vent their negative feeling through doing offensive activities.
  • Genetic traits: The chances are less. However, expert psychologists say that you cannot rule out the chances. Some children do learn crime from their near ones, and it becomes part of their daily activities like pickpocketing.
  • Cannot control their violent outbursts: It may be a psychological disorder, aging signs, frustration due to head injuries, and many other minds disturbing factors that often make a person behave violently.

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