Prove Paternity Using Avuncular DNA Testing And Find Who Fathered You Or Your Child

Paternity tests are not just used to find your parents or your relatives it can also be used as legal evidence. You might be fighting for inheritance in court and these tests can prove your relationship with your family. These tests are known for their accuracy as the rates of accuracy are between 90 to 99 percent.

When your alleged father is not available to test, you might have to try other options like grandparent testing, sibling testing, and avuncular DNA test. If the grandparents of the grandchild are not available and he/she does not have any siblings, you can as the aunt and uncle to give the test to find the biological relationship between them.

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It might be cheap when compared to others but the results are accurate. To get your avuncular DNA test at home, visit:

How is this done?

Avuncular DNA tests can confirm paternity by using the DNA samples from the siblings of the alleged father. As siblings have a common DNA, you might also receive some from your biological father. If that DNA matches with the siblings of your alleged father, it will prove that you are a part of that family.

During this test, the lab determines the genetic material of both parties, and the avuncular index is determined. If the index is less than 1.00, it means that they are not your relatives. For example, if you had taken an uncle DNA test and your avuncular index is 1.50, you are related to each other but if it is 0.50, both parties are not related to each other.

Since all members of the family share at least 25% of common DNA, it is possible to find the biological father by avuncular testing. DNA tests for child and aunt can be done only if she is a full sibling to the alleged father. The same goes for the uncle.

How to increase accuracy?

You can increase the accuracy of the test by including samples of a known parent when possible. If the testing is done to find the alleged father, the mother should participate in the test too.

Difference between legal and non-legal testing:

You must always choose a laboratory that is authentic and certified to practice paternity tests. During a legal DNA test, all the processes will be documented and all participants will be photographed. You must show your government ID to prove your identity. Only if the test is legal, it can be used as legal evidence.

A non-legal test is more for personal use. It is just to find the uncle or aunt of a child to establish biological relations. Most laboratories perform both legal and non-legal tests.

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