Learn About Legal Position of CBD and Its Products in the UK

Ever since researchers and scientists have found that CBD is very useful for treating a number of ailments, the popularity of CBD and its related products have started growing rapidly. It has also started gaining enough acceptance in the UK too.

So, what is the legal status of CBD in the UK? Most of you must be aware that CBD has legal acceptance in the UK too, but there are few intricacies and certain conditions imposed may be little confusing for many.

CBD is also associated with its cousin THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is still an illegal compound in the UK. If you are interested to buy any legal CBD UK then you must buy from the store of Just CBD, as this is the most authenticated source for CBD in the UK.

Cannabis oil

As you know cannabis plants produce more than 100 cannabinoids, which may have different effects on our body and are having different concentration based on which parts of plant it has been extracted. Most famous compounds among them are CBD and THC.

The basic difference between the two is THC is psychoactive compound, which is mostly meant for recreational use as it produces “high” effect and CBD will not produce any “high” effect. Almost all cannabinoids usually are controlled substances as per Drugs Act, but CBD is not.

As per law of UK, maximum THC content must be 0.2% as this much THC cannot be separated from CBD so easily. CBD oil has few medicinal properties like:

  • Provides relief from inflammation
  • Provides relief from pain
  • Reduces anxiety

However as of now conclusive scientific studies have not yet been done about this with proper human trial.

What are the legal aspects of CBD in the UK?

Since many cannabinoids are listed under Drugs Act of UK as controlled substances hence there is lots of confusion in the UK about CBD oil. CBD as an exception which is completely legal, provided it is derived from industrial hemp strain approved by EU.

CBD oil in the UK should not contain any THC as per the UK law, since most cannabis oil contains THC content, which is usually not allowed at all in the UK.

Of course, there are few exceptions too.

Sativex, which has 50-50 mix of CBD and THC, which is produced in laboratory, has been allowed for treatment of multiple sclerosis. Only specialist medical professional must prescribe it.

One argument against above medicine is that no satisfactory drug trials was done to prove that it is safe and effective. Although, British government has maintained that for many years that CBD was banned item but landmark decision taken during November 2018, allowed UK doctors to suggest cannabis under very limited circumstances.

There were benefits seen for epilepsy treatment where both CBD and THC were used but due to legality of THC in the UK, many parents took their children outside the country to get their child treated for epilepsy.

As CBD is known as non-intoxicating, hence it has been legalized in the UK, but few strict guidelines are:

1. CBD should not contain above 0.2% THC.

2. CBD must be derived from industrial hemp strain which is EU-approved.

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