A Guide To Sell A House As Is In California

It is difficult to decide whether to sell the home as-is or fix it before selling it. The perspective of each seller varies depending on various factors. There are many reasons for selling the house fast, such as divorce, relocating, downsizing, and more. Whatever the reason might be, you can find the best alternatives on the market other than selling them traditionally.

Here on House Today Cash Tomorrow, we buy houses for cash in areas of southern California, U.S., as-is without repairs or renovation, at a fair price. Also, we close the deal within a week.

About as-is house sale

In many cases, as-is house means features of the home. Selling the house means declaring that no negotiations applicable to renovations or repairs of the property to the owner.  The major responsibility of the owner in cash sale is disclosing the facts that influence the ability and value of the buyer to stay in the house.

The facts are issues of foundation and structure, plumbing problems, environmental threats, and more. Selling the home as-is is one of the best alternatives to the buyer and the seller in various situations.

How to get the best offers for houses sold as-is?

If you want to sell the house as-is, then you have to determine the cost of it. Tips to know the price of the home:

Find out the after repair price of the house

A first, look at the price of the homes sold recently so that you can know the value of it, in case you want to make the repairs. Do quick online research to find the numbers quickly.

Estimate the cost incurred for repairs and improvements

Don’t get scared with the numbers incurred for the repairs. They may vary from one home to the other. You can search for the cost of the individual repair to make estimation.

Find out the fair price of the house sold as-is

It is hard to estimate the discount that a buyer expects to repair the home themselves. Whether the repair is major or minor, a cash buyer is the best option to save money and time.

Make sure making repairs is valuable

In case you want to repair the house yourself, check the following problems such as:

  • Repair faucets leakage
  • Repair damaged roofs, doors, and windows
  • Check working condition of HVAC system
  • Replace damaged carpets, lighting fixtures, and fans

How to sell a house fast?

Here are a few simple steps that help you in selling the house faster than a traditional sale. They are:

Contact a cash buyer – Do research, choose a cash buyer, and schedule a visit. They will inspect the house to make a decision.

Get a fair price – If they like your property, they will make the fair offer within 1 or 2 days.

Get paid – In case you like the price, they will schedule the closing date depending on your convenience. They will complete the paperwork by paying the closing costs. All this process will get complete within 7 days.

Many cash buyers offer a fair price for homes in any condition, choose the best one and schedule a visit today.

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