Why Look for Speech and Hearing Therapies?

No matter whether you are an adult or a kid, speech or language therapy is needed for everyone who is lacking it. Most parents don’t accept the fact that their child needs therapy. They focus more on their child’s other medical conditions and overlook the necessity of speech or language therapy, because they think that their child does not have any such disorder.

Eastside Speech Solutions is a private speech pathology practice located in East Suburbs of Sydney. It helps people to communicate better by gaining confidence. Sydney speech pathologist implants the skills in the children and adults by helping them to develop good communication skills. The therapists here have a wide range of experience, which helps clients to gain maximum benefit of teamwork.

The only confusion, which is in the mind of parents is how to find out whether their child requires speech therapy or not. Below are a few simple ways that explains whether or not your child need help from a reliable source. If your child,

  • Finds difficulty in following the commands, or struggles to imitate someone.
  • Is struggling to communicate basic needs, or slow in understanding new words.
  • Talks in a way that cannot be understood by those who don’t know the child after 24 months of age.
  • Do not make the variety of sounds anymore.
  • Does not make sentences by 36 months of age, and also cannot combine words by 18 months of age.
  • Has changes in communicating in case of post-injury or surgery.
  • Has changes such as decreased problem-solving skills or poor memory.

Then immediately take your child to the pathologist.

Why Speech and Hearing Therapy?

When it comes to the matter of children who cannot use a verbal form of communication, you should understand that their options are limited. They cannot easily interact with society, or make choices, or communicate even their basic needs. They will be closed off from the outside world.

A child requires speech or language because of many reasons. They are listed below.

  • The therapy helps the child by giving a way to communicate without voice. They can use low, mid, or high tech communication devices, no-tech communication books, or communication apps, and so on for communication.
  • It helps to improve their social skills, so that they can interact easily with others. This can be done with the help of video modelling, specific therapy apps, role-playing, and other tools.
  • It helps the child to improvise its language by teaching them specific concepts such as actions, usage of pronoun, sequencing, comprehension, categorization, and grammar.
  • It helps children to get better at literacy and reading skills. A child can communicate freely when it knows how to spell a word.
  • It even helps to communicate using alternative communication approaches such as eye contact, gestures, facial expressions, writing, typing, etc.

Every problem has a solution. The only thing one needs to understand is where and when to find it. Speech and language therapy helps in an overall way by improving communication skills and help children to gain confidence when they interact independently.

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