How Cement Rendering Will Transform Your House Totally

A render is a cement mixture that will be applied to walls. To begin, there are different types of rendering, e.g., acrylic rendering, clay rendering, cement rendering, and so on. Which type of render that you use, will have an impact on how the exterior finish looks. If you use coarser sand in the mixture, then the finish will be more textured.

Cement rendering is basically the application of a cement, sand, and lime mixture. It is a less expensive type of render, but it must be applied with caution because it can quickly crack if done incorrectly. Zaks Render can offer cement rendering Sydney service to improve the appearance of any home.

What is cement rendering? 

This is made up of sand, cement, water, and either lime or clay. It works best on rough surfaces around your home, such as concrete blocks, brick or stone, and also painted walls (but you must only trust a certain expert to try this). Your goal is to provide an aesthetically pleasing result by creating a very smooth finish on the previously rough surface. This can drastically alter the appearance of your home.

Types of rendering

With so many rendering options available, you may consult with a professional who can assess your condition and recommend the best suitable rendering for you. The three most common types of rendering are as follows:

  • Cement rendering
  • Acrylic rendering
  • Polymer rendering

Various benefits of cement rendering

The following are a few reasons why you must consider cement rendering:

  • Can increase the lifespan of the exterior walls

The main exterior of your home will remain always exposed to the elements. Over time, the wind, sun, and rain can cause significant damage to your walls. A cement render coating can protect them from the elements and help them last longer.

  • Improves the aesthetic

It can be costly to apply a fresh paint coat to the exterior of any home every year to maintain its curb appeal. Cement rendering is a low-cost home improvement technique that can instantly help improve the curb appeal of the home. Also, you can use cement rendering for adding texture to your exterior walls and stylish touch to the design of your home.

  • Increases the energy efficiency

Cement rendering will improve the appearance of your home and will also improve its efficiency. Rendering adds an insulation layer to your home, preventing heat and cold from escaping through the walls during the winter and summer.

  • Increases the value of your property

As we all know, the exterior of any home is always the first thing that people notice first, and if it appears unkempt, it may have an impact on their overall impression of the property. You can improve the appearance of your home with rendering and signal to potential buyers that it has been well maintained.

  • Cement rendering can be more affordable than many other options

As compared to many other options to improve the aesthetics of your home, you will find cement rendering a much more affordable option.