How To Pick Glasses For Triangle-Face Shape?

It is important to identify your face shape and choose the right glasses when you purchase glasses online. Triangle is a common geometrical shape. Triangle face shape refers to a triangle that has pointed angles at the top and a flat underside. The most accurate description for this face type is a tall mountain with a narrow peak. This face shape is also known by the name “base-down triangle face shape”. There are tips and tricks to help you find the right glasses for your triangle face shape.

In Just 4 Steps You Can Figure Out The Triangle Face Shape

Triangle faces are narrower towards the top, and wider toward the bottom. A triangle face is easily identified by the area around the jaw. The jaw should be the biggest feature on the face. This is in contrast to the forehead, cheeks, and cheeks. These are the top features of triangular faces that you should look out for when choosing glasses.

Narrow Forehead

The triangle-shaped faces have a narrow forehead, starting at the top. This is because the forehead is wider than the rest of the face. The hairline appears to be very narrow. You can also see the gap between the eyebrows & forehead.

Wide Cheek-Bones

People with the triangle shape face have large cheekbones. Their cheeks look rounder or fuller. The cheekbones don’t match the jaw line perfectly or are a little wider than the jaw.

Broadest Jaw-Line

The jaw line is the most obvious feature for people with triangle faces. The jaw-line can be either pointed or angular, although it is generally broad. It can be soft and subtle.

Flat Chin

The chin appears to be well-rounded in the case of a triangular base-down face shape. There is no pointed or angular appearance to the chin.

How Does One Choose The Perfect Triangle Face Shape Glasses For Women?

The best glasses for triangular faces are those that have a wider upper portion and a narrower, lower-parting frame. Keep in mind that the upper part of the glasses should not be too narrow.

Cat Eyes Sunglasses

Cat eyes glasses, which are also available in a triangular face shape for women, work well with almost all face shapes. The triangle face shape is enhanced by the extended temples. With details and patterns such as tortoiseshell leopard print, spotty frames dual-tone, marble effect, spotty frame, dual-tone, etc. For a wider forehead, the width can be added by choosing one of the options.

Bowline Frames

For men with triangle faces, frames with heavy upper parts such as the double bridge bowline glasses are ideal. Frames that feature intricate detailing on temples, such as precious stones and designs, can balance the narrowness of the forehead. This will make the jaw line appear smaller.

Wider Frame

You can enhance your upper half by wearing eyeglasses with wider frames and larger sizes. This will reduce the face’s width and will give it a balanced look. Other unusual shape glasses include those with smaller lower parts and larger upper parts.

Semi-Rim Style

Semi-rimmed eyeglasses diminish the appearance and emphasize the upper face. The semi-rimmed style of eyeglasses in metallic frames is a real treat for the eyes. It gives off an impressive appearance.

Oval Glasses

Oval glasses, even with designer frames, can look good as glasses for triangle faces. There are many options for full-rim, half-rim, or rimless eyeglasses. They come in different colors and designs.


These eyeglasses have extended upswept features that take the focus off the wide jaw lines and balance the face by making it appear more proportionate. These glasses can be classified as an inverted triangle.

It is important to avoid eyeglasses having a wider lower part. It will make your jaw line appear larger.

Now that your eyes are clear, you can get the best glasses for triangular faces.


These are all common geometric faces, but it can sometimes prove difficult to find glasses. We hope that you now can identify your face shape and this guide will assist you in finding the perfect pair of glasses for your triangle face shape.

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