How Does Addiction Begin?

Addiction can develop over time and can affect anyone regardless of age, economic status, or background. The wide variety of addictions can make it difficult to identify the cause of your loved one’s addiction or the time when it developed. You might wonder if you missed any obvious signs or if it was possible to help sooner. It can be very difficult to comprehend addiction and how to help those who are struggling.

Although we don’t have the answers to how addiction begins, we can be confident that there are ways to heal.

Is It Addictive To Drink And Use Drugs?

Drugs and alcohol can have a powerful effect on the body as well as the brain. Opioids can make it addictive. They dull the body’s pain receptors. They also increase the pleasure feeling by flooding the brain full of endorphins. Opioid addicts may think they have it all, but the addiction to opioids can be very quick.

Someone who is addicted can constantly seek out the next high. This can be harmful to their mental and/or physical health. Due to physical dependence on the drug, withdrawal symptoms can develop and the user may feel a craving for the next high. It can hinder the user’s ability to function and live a healthy, fulfilling life.

How Do Alcohol And Drug Abuse Start?

Individuals may come into contact with alcohol and drugs in several ways. Peer pressure can lead young people to use cocaine, regardless of their family history of drug abuse or predispositions to addictive behaviors. Others might turn to substances because they feel isolated and lonely. We can’t predict what or how someone will react when they come across illicit substances. We can choose how to react when a loved person needs support.

External Factors, Substance Abuse

People don’t know what they might do if they ever try drugs like heroin or cocaine for the first time. For some, one night of casual, spontaneous drug use is enough for them to spiral into addiction. Others will find drug abuse slowly becomes a problem, and eventually, become a serious problem. Once a drug is no longer tolerated, users might try other drugs.

The risk of becoming addicted can also increase when there is stress. People who drink alcohol frequently may find it more difficult to manage stress levels. A person who drinks alcohol more frequently to cope with stress will eventually become more dependent on it, both physically and emotionally. Some mental health disorders like post-traumatic stress syndrome increase the risk of someone developing a substance abuse problem, which could result in them needing dual diagnosis treatment later on in their recovery.

Due to the ingrained nature of alcohol use, it can be hard to spot an alcohol addiction. Particularly young people are frequently exposed to alcohol in situations where alcohol abuse is rampant. This may cause them to believe that alcohol abuse, in general, is normal and commonplace and that they must drink to their peers’ approval.

How Can I Help My Addicted Loved One?

If your loved one is suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol, you should look into treatment programs to help them understand their need for change. offers information about the available treatment options for a loved one suffering from substance abuse disorder. You can inspire your loved ones to a brighter future. Call us now.

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