How Much Time Does Body Contouring Take?

Celebrities can make it look easy. However, it is not easy to achieve the body of your dreams. Patients of UncraveRX are encouraged to explore the benefits and risks of body contouring.

How Long Does Body Contouring Last?

Every process in life is part of a larger process. This includes the body contouring procedure that will let you finally achieve your ideal shape. Many of patients would like to know how the treatment process works. These milestones are important in the treatment journey, from the initial appointment until your recovery.


You will first need to attend the treatment appointments. The treatment appointments will take different amounts of time depending on what area is being treated. Larger areas that have more serious conditions will need longer appointments. However, smaller areas or those with minor concerns will only require shorter appointments. The type of treatment will determine the length of your appointment. That means that you may need to wait longer for surgical procedures.

Patients can expect to wait between 30-60 minutes each time they visit a non-surgical facility. Patients can expect a two-to-four-hour operation for surgical procedures.

Initial Results

Your initial results will be those that you notice while still in recovery. Non-surgical and surgical treatments both have a six-week baseline. Your first signs of improvement in your overall appearance will be apparent around one to two weeks after your treatment.

Final Results

Your final results reflect the end result of your treatment. When you are fully healed, your final results reflect the shape of your body when you return to your normal daily activities. Final results can usually be seen within three to six months of your treatment or once you are completely recovered. The extent of your final results depends on the type of treatment you received.

What Length Of Time Do Results Last?

Both surgical and other treatments can provide long-lasting results. This type of treatment can be considered permanent. It is best to maintain steady body weight and keep up a routine of exercise once you are fully recovered. You can make the best of your treatment by living a healthy lifestyle and making smart choices that will help you to live for many years.

What Are The Possibilities For Additional Treatments?

To achieve the best results with a non-surgical procedure, you’ll likely need at most two or three treatments. Because non-surgical treatment results build on one another, this means that the effects of the first treatment usually are not apparent until the second. The average appointment frequency for non-surgical treatment is once per month. It depends on how many treatments are required for optimal results. Non-surgical treatments may take up to six months and then three more to see the final results.

What Is Recovery Like?

It all depends on the type of treatment that you had. For instance, a contouring procedure can take up to two months. This includes a temporary stop at most activities and exercise. Treatments that aren’t surgical require a recovery period of between two and three weeks. However, your activity is not limited during this time. The treatment area and the rate at which the treatment is completed will also affect recovery times.