Selecting The Best Air Cooler To Combat The Summer

Air coolers are an excellent cooling option for those areas with hot summers. They are easy to use and economical.

It can be difficult to pick the right cooler for you. There are many options and features available. We’ll be taking a quick look at some of the key features that you need to know when shopping for an air cooler.

What Are They?

Air Coolers use a slightly modified method of evaporative cooler. They use an air cooling process that is much more efficient than modern refrigerated Air-conditioning technologies. Air coolers make use of a simple air movement system. It pulls fresh air in from the outside and drives the air through the wet cooling pads. The temperature of the air is reduced by the evaporation in the cooling pads.

Types Of Air Coolers

These two types of coolers are most popular: desert air coolers and personal air coolers. Both can be used under different climatic conditions.

Desert Air Coolers

Desert cooling systems are most commonly used in dry climate areas. These coolers can be larger than personal ones and are great for cooling large rooms. They are equipped with large water tanks and powerful fans that can distribute cool air to every corner of the room. You can use desert air coolers outdoors on your balcony or deck.

Personal Water Coolers

Personal cooling units can be used in areas with humid weather. They are meant to be used in small or restricted areas of a room. They are quieter and use less energy than desert-air coolers. They have smaller water reservoirs but are capable to provide cooling for hours.

Check Out These Key Features

Once you’ve chosen the type warmer, you must choose the model best suited to your needs. Here are some examples.

Water Tank Capacity

Air coolers employ an evaporative cool method. This is when water is converted to water vapor. This lowers the temperature that the air blows by the fan. Large water tanks are a must for air conditioners. The water tank will have a greater capacity and the cooler will work harder. A water tank that is just right for your needs should be chosen. An air cooler with a bigger tank would be better suited for a larger space. There are several sizes of water tanks for desert and personal coolers. Personal air conditioners have 20-30 liter tanks, while desert air coolers have capacities of 31-50 liters.


A fan blower or blower can affect the airflow of a cooler. Fans can create airflow in large volumes but with low pressure; they are commonly used in large air cooling units. Blowers, by contrast, can create high-pressure airflow at high volumes. These are why they’re used in smaller models. Multispeed settings are a must when you buy an air cooler. This allows you to adjust the airflow to regulate the temperature. A majority of air coolers come with a minimum three-speed regulator. Also, you can look for air coolers with automatic louver movement. This allows cool air to flow in any direction. This feature is very important for desert air coolers that are used in large spaces.

Ice Pads

Cooling pads directly impact the cooling of a water cooler. They absorb water to allow air to flow through to cool it. The cooling power is greater the thinner the cooling pad. Cooling pads are usually made of either aspen or cellulose material. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Aspen pads may be made from both wood shavings as well as synthetic fiber. They are cheaper, more difficult to maintain, and have a shorter shelf life. Cellulose cooling packs are sometimes called honeycomb pads. They are thicker, last longer, and require less maintenance than an aspen pad. They are more cost-effective, but also have a higher price.


It is not a good idea to purchase water coolers if they take up space or don’t look right in the room. Today, some models have sleek and modern designs. Tower air coolers are the hottest variants on the market. They take up less room but can still be used to cool large rooms.

You can use your air conditioner in several rooms. It is better to purchase an air conditioner with caster tires. This makes it simple to move the cooler around the house. Many air coolers have attachable wheels.