Learn Smarter With Byju’s Learning App

On an average we  spend 80% of the time in mobile apps, while using smart phones! This demonstrates that consumers indeed want the simplicity and focus that apps provide, rather than the variety and diffusion inherent in websites.

Apps have become the dominant form of digital interaction. Today there is an app for almost everything. Whether it is to book a ticket for a movie, online shopping or to book a cab, just install an app and enjoy the facilities sitting  home which is applicable on students as well. How about an learning app? You’re parents would not be worried about you spending excessive time on smart-phones but they’ll be happy that their ward is learning in a innovative style by watching interesting videos. You must be wondering how it’s different from other apps.

Here we have summed up a few unique features of this amazing app.

1-on-1  Mentoring – The app is designed with personalized  1-1 mentoring from India’s leading teachers at your convenience.

Global Reach – The user can subscribe to the app from anywhere in the world.

Faster videos – The streaming of videos is faster and interactive involving high quality animated explanations.

Adaptive Learning – Each lesson and course intuitively adjusts itself to the learning pattern and aptitude of the child.

The reviews has been positive, acquiring higher level of self learning experience enjoying classroom learning atmosphere with personal  convenience and schedule. Now, you can have Byju’s learning app as your best friend who can teach you in your own style and own pace of understanding and solve your queries regarding any subject as a foundation for competitive exams.

Our app provides many educational facets which students can explore.

Class 6-10

Class 11-12, JEE & MED

CAT Exam




That’s not all, It also provides you chapter wise tests and CBSE Question paper. Now you don’t have to refer those bulky textbooks for reference and browse net for previous years papers, since you have it all in Byju’s App to help you ace in your career by giving your best in competitive exams. To know more, visit us at www.byjus.com.