How To Use Guest Blogging As A Link Building Strategy?

Planning for blogging but don’t know where to start? Guest Blogging is such an essential part of content marketing connecting you to a broader audience, and the tactics have worked better for the promotion of the business and the market. There are still so many myths regarding guest blogging. Some also use it as a link building strategy.

Most of the time, you might have seen mass spammed emails with zero personalization in your mailboxes without any intention of creating high-quality content links. When you see from Google’s perspectives, this seems to be a bit problematic as the content quality is low and lacks the insight it requires. Many of these links lead to spam SEO optimized affiliate sites.

Quality Guest Post is a fantastic website offering genuine and real results that are 100% Copyscape passed contents. You can do unlimited revisions for free, and you can discover thousands of brands through this website. The link building strategy also helps in increasing website ranking on popular search engines like Bing and Google.

Why Should You Use Guest Blogging?

Be authentic when you are guest blogging and don’t just do it for creating links. It also helps in ranking a site to Number 1, and you get targeted traffic quickly. The more places your content is on, the more Google will come to know of it and sees you.

Guest Blogging for Building Backlinks

While starting the first approach, you should not guest blog only for backlinks; it can lead to low-quality content. Take up guest blogging because it helps in building the influence that you need. The design, domain, focus, and range will have an impact on whether the guest posts will be accepted or not.

Before starting to guest blog, have a brand with a clean and modern logo design.

Filtering of the guest blogging opportunities

Do through some blog posts and get an idea of creating high-quality articles within 500 words. Give a good profile location with an apt bio and profile photo. Top tier blogs get “published” in the list, which the mid-tier blogs are useful, but they are not the best.

The low average quality blogs don’t have any substantial authority. Having too many links in your blog post will also make it spammer.

Blog post targets

Before sending pitches, you need to have the email addresses of each target. You can use several tools for finding email addresses at cheaper rates. For getting the marks, you need to build relations first by creating a Twitter account and responding to 2-3 tweets.

Having regular communication with other guest bloggers also opens up relationship-building opportunities.

Creation of content

While writing the content, keep sentences between 10-15 words at most and add many sub-headers. Adding bullet points creates the right image regarding your content. Break your article into sections and add relevant photos. When you add a link to the site, you get the link within range for getting the SEO impact.


Some blogs have 1 to 3 months waiting time, and if you are doing it right, you can get some great backlinks. If you are using backlinks for a broader marketing strategy, you will be getting some top backlinks.