The benefits of an LMS within Social Care

With millions of users on a daily basis utilising an LMS within Social Care for their Learning and Development, you may be asking what can an LMS be used for? We’re here to provide you some more information about LMS’ and the benefits

An LMS, or Learning Management System, is one of many types of software applications that an organisation can use to develop, deliver and track e-Learning whether they have large or small teams, across various areas of a business. This enables organisations to adopt a digital approach to their learning, also allowing for a more of a blended approach that fully supports and helps them achieve their Learning and Development goals.

Using an LMS within a Social Care organisation?

Typically, an LMS can be used by anyone in an organisation, from employees to managers and administrators, however, each of these users will have different needs and requirements from an LMS.

  • Learners and/or Employees: Learners and employees can use an LMS to complete learning activities such as e-Learning, reading a policy or booking onto a face to face workshop.
  • Managers: Managers can use an LMS to track compliance of their teams and produce reports to evidence e-Learning.
  • Administrators: An administrator will be able to fully configure the system to personalise the LMS to the organisation’s needs, a set up learning journeys that suit the organisational requirements.

Why should you use an LMS for your organisation? Well, the right LMS will compliment your organisations Learning and Development strategy, act as an extension of your existing team and add consistency and standardisation when arranging and delivering your organisations learning opportunities. By standardising your Learning and Development across your organisation and adopting a digital approach, you’ll receive a number of benefits, including increased compliance and automated processes all while saving previous admin time.

What are the benefits of an LMS?

When it comes to the delivery of e-Learning, it is important to know the benefits it’ll have upon your sector. Within Social Care, an LMS can support organisations and produce excellent Learning and Development opportunities. This will have a positive effect on staff retention and maintaining compliance. It also provides additional saving time when it comes to onboarding and recruiting new staff.

As we’ve mentioned, keeping your staff engaged with clear and consistent Learning and Development opportunity, can significantly improve staff retention. Through the use of an LMS, your learners can ‘learn on the go’, which allows them to complete their training and development on demand, at a time that suits their busy schedule.

By empowering your learners and providing them with the right learning toolkit, you are enabling them to manage their own e-Learning with a self-management approach. Whilst managers in your organisation can track real time reports to monitor e-Learning progress, a truly blended approach to your Learning and Development will drive engagement and personal progression throughout your organisation.

An LMS should always complement your existing organisational Learning and Development goals and by reviewing your organisations current requirements and future needs, you’ll be able to determine what additional features and benefits an LMS can provide your organisation. My Learning Cloud provides an all-in-one LMS, with a complete solution of over 110 CPD certified Health and Social care e-Learning courses, these come as a standard across any of our LMS packages. Contact us today to book a free, online consultation to discuss the future of your Learning and Development for your Health and Social Care organisation.